Kimberly’s Cafe and Creamery – Carlisle

On Thursday May 19, 2011 the breakfast stop was Kimberly’s Cafe and Creamery at 503 W High St in Carlisle. You may have read the review we gave them last year or noticed on our scorecard page that we rated Kimberly’s the #1 privately owned breakfast restaurant on the West Shore. Since then we have often wondered if we really rated them correctly, or if we were just really hungry that day, so a return visit was required to determine if Kimberly’s was really that good. Guess what, they are! Today was a great breakfast of large eggs, really good home fries, sausage links that were large and tasty, and even the toast seemed bigger than at other places. The service was great, the food came out quickly and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish it all. To be fair, I must note that Kimberly’s is not a real fancy place. It used to be a Baskin Robbins ice cream about 14 years ago and the inside has not changed too much since then. I noticed a few spots that could use a fresh coat of paint and some sprucing up, but it is still quite acceptable. I would deduct one point from their previous score, which gives them 20 out of 21 possible points, still an outstanding score that makes them one of the best places to eat on the West Shore. I would definitely go back again.


Camp Hill Diner

On Monday May 9, 2011 the breakfast stop was the Camp Hill Diner at 3449 Simpson Ferry Road in Camp Hill. We visited there almost exactly one year ago, check our report in the May 2010 archives. This visit was a slight improvement over last year. The eggs were good and the home fries were better. A funny thing happened though, I ordered two eggs over easy, home fries, ham and wheat toast. Last year we had commented that the plate seemed too small. Well, my order today came out quickly, but we had a little trouble finding the ham. At first the waitress thought she needed to go get it, then we realised that the eggs were completely covering the ham, and then the toast was on top of everything. She was very nice and offered a side plate for the ham, but I do think the extra plate should have been there from the beginning. At any rate, I don’t want to get hyper-critical, so let me say that the Camp Hill Diner has a good breakfast, there are areas that could be improved, but overall it is a cozy little home town diner with good food and a good following. I liked watching the big screen tv while I ate, I like that they are the only place on the West Shore with working juke boxes at the table, and they got me in, fed me and off to work in good time. This years score is 14 / 21 which is good in every category. The total for 1 person was $6.31.

Caffe 101 – Boiling Springs

On Tuesday May 3, 2011 the breakfast stop was at Caffe 101, located at 101 Front St in Boiling Springs. The restaurant is located right on the corner in what I would consider the square in Boiling Springs. The building is a large older brick home (mansion) directly across from the Boiling Springs Tavern, the clock tower and Childrens Lake. They had off street parking and everything was well kept and neat on the outside. The interior is completely restored and modernised. When I approached the counter I wasn’t sure what to get, but I was pleased to find they had a little bit of everything, including our standard breakfast of eggs, home fries and meat. The nice lady said she would bring me my breakfast so I wandered around the interior and found it to be quite nice, but I spotted a door that led outside to a nice stone patio with tables and umbrella’s. Taking advantage of the beautiful morning I went on out and found a nice table that gave me a good view of the lake. My breakfast arrived in less than five minutes and it looked great. Two nice size eggs, over easy, great little cubed home fries (unique) and three large slices of Canadian bacon, along with honey wheat toast. As I enjoyed the meal I checked the rest of the menu and found that they have a great menu. For breakfast they offer fruit, yogurt, bagels, baked oatmeal, buttermilk pancakes, french toast, breakfast sandwiches and omelettes and eggs, all ranging from $1 to $6.99. Lunch sandwiches and wraps looked good too, ranging from $5.95 to $8.25, and of course they had salads, soups, coffee, espresso, fruit smoothies and deserts. The food seems to be a cut above the usual coffee shop/deli/restaurant in our area with items like Brioche French Toast and Bumbleberry Pie. Even my breakfast was a notch above normal due to the unique and tasty home fries, real Canadian bacon (no additional charge) and honey wheat toast versus plain wheat toast. Overall the Caffee 101 was a very impressive place with a great menu, cozy seating indoors or out and good prices. My meal was $6.62 with a drink and I would definitely come back here again. Caffe 101 is open from 6AM to 7PM on Monday thru Thursday. 7AM to 7AM on Friday and Saturday and 7AM to 4PM on Sunday.


Eggs               3

Potatoes        3

Sides              3

Drinks            2

Service           3

Atmosphere   3

Cleanliness    3

Total             20 / 21

Baker’s Diner Restaurant – Dillsburg

On Saturday April 30, 2011 the breakfast stop was Bakers Diner Restaurant at 515 N. US Hwy 15. Always a good place to eat, Baker’s didn’t disapoint us today. It was busy and there were four of us but we were still seated quickly. Our drinks came pretty quickly, meals took a little longer today and we must note that there are no specials on Saturday morning. As always the place seemed very clean and had a nice (busy)  atmosphere on this day. Like we noted in our review a year ago: “Nice big plates, large eggs, big portions of home fries”. This was definitely a good tasting, filling meal in a nice place for a good price. Today, 4 of us ate for $21. While the wait time was longer and the service was not quite as wonderful as usual, we must consider how busy they were and so we’ll stand behind last years rating of 20 / 21, which is 5 stars out of 5 stars!