Camp Hill Diner

On Monday May 9, 2011 the breakfast stop was the Camp Hill Diner at 3449 Simpson Ferry Road in Camp Hill. We visited there almost exactly one year ago, check our report in the May 2010 archives. This visit was a slight improvement over last year. The eggs were good and the home fries were better. A funny thing happened though, I ordered two eggs over easy, home fries, ham and wheat toast. Last year we had commented that the plate seemed too small. Well, my order today came out quickly, but we had a little trouble finding the ham. At first the waitress thought she needed to go get it, then we realised that the eggs were completely covering the ham, and then the toast was on top of everything. She was very nice and offered a side plate for the ham, but I do think the extra plate should have been there from the beginning. At any rate, I don’t want to get hyper-critical, so let me say that the Camp Hill Diner has a good breakfast, there are areas that could be improved, but overall it is a cozy little home town diner with good food and a good following. I liked watching the big screen tv while I ate, I like that they are the only place on the West Shore with working juke boxes at the table, and they got me in, fed me and off to work in good time. This years score is 14 / 21 which is good in every category. The total for 1 person was $6.31.


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