The Peppermill – Mechanicsburg

On Tuesday June 7, 2011 we decided to revisit the Peppermill Restaurant located at 1010 Wesley Drive in Mechanicsburg. We ate there last March (one of our first reviews) and since we rated them highly we thought we better check back. Well, I’m happy to say that our original review was correct, the Peppermill is a great place for breakfast. It’s a nice place, the service was really good and the breakfast is consistently good. We had our usual, 2 eggs, home fries, meat and toast and our total for two came out to $9.25. What’s not to be happy about?

Category               Bill                   Craig

Eggs                        3                           3

Potatoes                  3                         3

Sides                        3                          3

Drink                      2                            2

Service                   3                           3

Atmosphere           3                         3

Cleanliness              3                         3

Totals                    20 / 21              20/21


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