Village Diner – Shermansdale

On Tuesday June 21 we travelled to Shermansdale to re-visit the Village Diner, which is a nice sized place, well run, good service and they feed you pretty darn good. This Tuesday was no exception, we sere seated right away, talked with a few regulars and ordered, all within minutes of our arrival. We like that they have big screen TV and wireless internet. The waitress was nice and our food came out in less than five minutes. As before, the eggs, home fries and toast were really good and the sides of ham and sausage were good sized and tasty. Overall, a good place to eat and I’m sure we’ll be back again.

Category          Bill           Craig

Eggs                   3                   3

Potatoes              3                3

Sides                   3                   3

Drink                  2                   2

Service                3                  3

Atmosphere        2                2

Cleanliness         3                  3

Totals                19 / 21        19/21

Our meal was about $11 for two.


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