The Chow Down Restaurant – Rossville

On Tuesday July 5, 2011 we decided to take a ride down to Rossville to re-sample the breakfast at the Chow Down Restaurant. We were there last spring, just a month or so after they had opened and we had a great breakfast. At times we have to wonder if we just hit a good day or maybe something else has changed, so we go back and try them again. Well, this visit proved that the Chow Down has a great breakfast. When we arrived there were many cars in the parking lot. Every booth in the restaurant was taken plus some tables. We took a table in the back and ordered our usual breakfasts, Bill ordered the ham and Craig ordered the sausage patties. As you can see the ham was good size and Craig got four sausage patties with his meal.The eggs, potatoes and toast were very good, these sides were above average. The most amazing part of our visit was that our total for two was right around $8 because these were $1.99 specials during the week. We were very satisfied and don’t worry, we’ll be back. If you’re in the Rossville area the restaurant is right off the square if you turn toward Wellsville. It’s just a few miles from Pinchot Park.

Category               Bill                  Craig

Eggs                         3                         3

Potatoes                   2                       3

Sides                         3                         3

Drinks                      2                           2

Service                      3                          3

Atmosphere             3                         3

Cleanliness             3                            3

Totals                   19 / 21               20/21


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