The Sunlight Diner – Mechanicsburg

On Tuesday July 19, 2011 we decided to visit the newest restaurant in our area, The Sunlight Diner, located at 4729 Gettysburg Rd in Mechanicsburg, formerly the site of the The Mechanicsburg (50’s) Diner. This is the Sunlight’s Grand Opening week and we noted that they had a nice crowd this morning. Walking inside we were pleasantly surprised to find that the place looked great. You may recall the interior was remodeled about 9 months ago and much of that was still in place although the biggest change we noted today was how absolutely clean this place was, a tremendous improvement over previous visits. Of course the staff is all new and we had a great server named Caitlin that was fun, friendly and took great care of us. We ordered our regular breakfast of eggs, home fries and Craig had the sausage patties while Bill tried the Canadian bacon. The meals were reasonably priced at $5.25 and $5.75. It took a little while to receive our food, but when it came out it was really good. We got plenty of refills on the coffee and were pretty happy with the visit. We noticed that when someone would leave the busboy would not only clean the table but also the seats and everything that customer would have touched. We were impressed, we have had too many experiences with sticky, grimy diners and this one looks like it’s going to be clean, clean, clean! We also chatted with the hostess, who is the wife of one of the new owners and she told us how hard they had worked to get the place in shape and ready to open. Everyone was super nice, the place looked great and the food was good. We urge everyone to come out and try this new restaurant. Don’t forget that they have plenty of parking, an outside deck and free wi-fi for the customers. As for us, we will be back!

Category              Bill               Craig

Eggs                        3                         3

Potatoes                 2                       3

Sides                        3                        3

Drinks                     2                         2

Service                    3                         3

Atmosphere           3                        3

Cleanliness            3                         3

Totals                    19/21                20/21 

Our meal was about $14 for two, in our medium range.


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