Breakfast heats up on the West Shore in 2011

Breakfast is a competitive part of the restaurant business and we are happy to see that the competition is heating up here in central PA. So far this year we have reviewed several places that have made big improvements over last year. We have visited a few new places that have scored very well on the first visit. The battle for the top ten best breakfasts on the West Shore is heating up.

Mechanicsburg’s Hi Life Diner has seen the most improvement, moving up from number 18 to number 7 on our scorecard. The Chow Down Restaurant in Rossville has moved up three spots to #9 . Boiling Springs new Caffe 101 really shook things up by landing the #3 position on their first review and the newest restaurant in our area, the Sunlight Diner in Mechanicsburg landed in the top ten (at #10) on their first visit, proving they aren’t fooling around.   We also want to mention L’ Koste Villa and the Hamilton in Carlisle,  We look forward to reviewing them again.

We have not been to the New Brick House Restaurant yet, but we understand they have been in the news again. Hopefully everything gets straightened out down there.


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