Fay’s Country Kitchen – Carlisle

On Tuesday July 26, 2011 we decided to revisit Kay’s Country Kitchen at 203 South Hanover Street in Carlisle. It has been over a year since we first visited Fay’s, which has a reputation for good breakfasts and especially good pancakes. We had to park on the street, but we were within 100 feet or so of the restaurant. They had a few customers inside and just one waitress who was patient with us as we ordered. Craig ordered his usual eggs, home fries and sausage, Bill ordered the 2 eggs (poached) with home fries and toast and our special guest Kathy ordered the peach pancakes. The food didn’t take too long but  we had time to enjoy the interesting decor of the restaurant and look out the big windows that faced the street. The food was really good, everyone enjoyed the meal that they had ordered and Kathy said the pancakes were very good and filling. Our waitress was attentive, but didn’t make us feel like she was stalking us. The prices were reasonable and the atmosphere was very hometown-ish. We like Fay’s and suggest that anyone who has never eaten there to give it a try, it’s a very unique downtown Carlisle experience.

One thing we have noticed is that every restaurant that we have visited in Carlisle this year did not seem as busy as they were last year. As many people know Carlisle has changed their downtown streets from two lanes each way down to one lane each way to and made bike lanes. While sitting in the restaurant this morning we saw one bicycle go past. Now, no one at Fay’s said anything to us about it, but we have talked to several people who don’t like the new downtown plan and feel that people are avoiding the downtown area. Stories include car show traffic backed up to the other side of Mt Holly and I-81 accidents causing traffic jams down town are just a few examples. Maybe we’re  just catching these places on a slow day, but it would seem that it’s affecting business.

Category                Bill                   Craig            Kathy

Eggs                          3                          3                    3

Potatoes                    3                        3                    3

Sides                         2                           2                     2        

Drinks                       2                            2                    2

Service                       2                          2                    2

Atmopshere              2                          2                   2

Cleanliness               2                             2                  2

Totals                      16 / 21                16/21              16/21


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