Denny’s – Flying J – Carlisle

On Tuesday August 23, 2011 we decided to try the Denny’s at the Flying J Truck Stop at 1501 Harrisburg Pike in Carlisle. This wasn’t our first visit to a truck stop, we had reviewed the Iron Skillet Restaurant at the Pilot Travel Center last year (it was good!). The Fling J had a large convenience store and a very large Denny’s restaurant attached to it. It was amazing to see how many people were there, both in the store and the restaurant. Denny’s had at least three big screen TV’s and a whole team of waitresses on duty. We had the “build your own” and ordered our regular eggs, hash browns, toast and a side, Craig had the sausage patties, Bill had the bacon. Our waitress was nice and attentive, the food came out fairly quickly. Everything was good, we really couldn’t find anything to complain about. We prefer the local, privately owned diners, but this was a pretty good meal at a convenient location that had everything you might need in the morning: fuel, a convenience store and a good breakfast. Not bad!

Category                 Bill                 Craig

Eggs                         2                     2  

Potatoes                   2                     2 

Sides                        2                     2

Drinks                      2                      2

Service                    3                      3 

Atmosphere             3                      2

Cleanliness              3                      3

Totals                     17 / 21             16/21

Our meal for two cost about $15, in our medium range.


Baker’s Diner – Dillsburg

On Tuesday August 16, 2011 we decided to eat at Baker’s Diner in Dillsburg. We have reviewed them before and I guess we just wanted to have a good breakfast today. Well, Baker’s makes a great breakfast! The special today was eggs, home fries, toast and meat for $3.49. We ordered our usual, Craig had sausage, Bill ordered bacon. Our meal was out in about 4 minutes and it was a plate full. In fact, Bill got 5 strips of bacon, more than he could eat. It was a great meal and a bargain price at $10.50 for two. Baker’s has one of the nicest interiors of any of the local diners, the atmosphere is very nice. We also checked on the progress of their addition, which was approved in the spring. We were told that they will begin building next month and the addition will seat 78 more people. This is a great place to eat, a little busy on the weekends, but really good food and decent prices.

Category                Bill                    Craig

Eggs                        3                          3

Potatoes                   2                         3

Sides                        3                         3

Drinks                       2                         2

Service                     3                          3

Atmosphere              3                          3

Cleanliness               3                          3

Totals                      19/21                20/21

L ‘ Koste Villa Cafe

On Tuesday August 9, 2011 we went to L’ Koste Villa Cafe, located at 2151 Fisher Road in Mechanicsburg. Some people may recognize the name, they formerly had a restaurant at 5205 Simpson Ferry Road in Mechanicsburg and are also known locally for their catering. They are located in the bottom floor, in the back of a commercial building near the intersection of Fisher Road and Old Rt 15 (sometimes known as the Gettysburg Rd) just a short distance south of Sheperdstown in Upper Allen Twp. There was plenty of parking and the interior is very nice with a vaulted ceiling, an exposed beam look and modern lighting. They are open for breakfast and lunch. It was a very informal, bistro style restaurant where you order at the counter and seat yourself, but they bring the food to your table. Craig and Kathy ordered our usual 2 eggs, home fries and sausage, Bill ordered a ham and cheese omelette. Everything was really good, notable were the home fries which were sliced thin and cooked to crispy perfection. Coffee was served in large mugs that you could really put your hands around and the plates were triangular shaped.   By the way they had a big screen TV in the dining area, nice bathrooms, a large selection of desserts and their lunch menu included salads and panini sandwiches.

Here is a link to their web site, where you can see some sample menu’s and more pictures:

Category               Bill             Craig              Kathy

Eggs                       3                 3                      3   

Potatoes                  3                3                      3 

Sides                       2                 3                     3

Drinks                      2                 3                     3

Service                    3                  3                    3

Atmosphere             3                  3                    3

Cleanliness              3                   3                   3 

Totals:                    19/21              21/21            21/21 

Our total for three people today was $13.45.

Beck & Don’s Kountry Kitchen – Mechanicsburg

On Tuesday August 2, 2011 the breakfast stop was Beck & Don’s Kountry Kitchen, formerly the Walnut Cafe in Mechanicsburg. We reviewed the Walnut Cafe last year and found it to be an “ok” place to eat. Earlier this year we stopped in and found things slightly better, but now a change of owners has this little breakfast and lunch place looking even better than ever. There were more cars than usual in the parking lot today and the counter area was full, plus there were more people at various tables. The inside of the restaurant looked the best I’ve ever seen it. There were 2 guys working the kitchen and 2 waitresses working the floor, so the staff has doubled since the last visit. Everything seemed clean and neat. They had breakfast sandwiches as well as traditional breakfasts on the menu, including pancakes and french toast. The prices seemed very reasonable but you need to know that home fries (which were very good) are one dollar extra with every breakfast. Today we had our regular breakfast of two eggs, home fries and a side. Bill had the bacon and it was good (2 slices), Craig ordered the sausage but we later realized that he never got it with the meal. The coffee was not good at all and needs improvement. One waitress had taken our order, but someone else brought the food out, so I guess we weren’t paying close enough attention and didn’t catch that mistake.  Several more folks came in as we ate and it seems as though it’s a popular place. Beck & Don’s Kountry Kitchen is open from 5AM to 2PM on Monday thru Friday and 6AM to 2PM on Saturday. They are closed on Sunday. Breakfasts seemed to range from $2 up to $5.95. The lunch menu included burgers and sandwiches, the highest price I noticed was $6.95 for a double cheeseburger and fries.  We wish Beck and Don good luck and will stop by again to see how they’re doing and see if some things improve.

Category                 Bill                    Craig

Eggs                         2                         2

Potatoes                   2                         2

Sides                         2                         1

Drinks                      2                           1

Service                     2                           2

Atmosphere              2                           2

Cleanliness               2                           2

Totals                   14 /21                   12/21

Our total for today was $8.68, in our low price range.