Baker’s Diner – Dillsburg

On Tuesday August 16, 2011 we decided to eat at Baker’s Diner in Dillsburg. We have reviewed them before and I guess we just wanted to have a good breakfast today. Well, Baker’s makes a great breakfast! The special today was eggs, home fries, toast and meat for $3.49. We ordered our usual, Craig had sausage, Bill ordered bacon. Our meal was out in about 4 minutes and it was a plate full. In fact, Bill got 5 strips of bacon, more than he could eat. It was a great meal and a bargain price at $10.50 for two. Baker’s has one of the nicest interiors of any of the local diners, the atmosphere is very nice. We also checked on the progress of their addition, which was approved in the spring. We were told that they will begin building next month and the addition will seat 78 more people. This is a great place to eat, a little busy on the weekends, but really good food and decent prices.

Category                Bill                    Craig

Eggs                        3                          3

Potatoes                   2                         3

Sides                        3                         3

Drinks                       2                         2

Service                     3                          3

Atmosphere              3                          3

Cleanliness               3                          3

Totals                      19/21                20/21


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