Denny’s – Flying J – Carlisle

On Tuesday August 23, 2011 we decided to try the Denny’s at the Flying J Truck Stop at 1501 Harrisburg Pike in Carlisle. This wasn’t our first visit to a truck stop, we had reviewed the Iron Skillet Restaurant at the Pilot Travel Center last year (it was good!). The Fling J had a large convenience store and a very large Denny’s restaurant attached to it. It was amazing to see how many people were there, both in the store and the restaurant. Denny’s had at least three big screen TV’s and a whole team of waitresses on duty. We had the “build your own” and ordered our regular eggs, hash browns, toast and a side, Craig had the sausage patties, Bill had the bacon. Our waitress was nice and attentive, the food came out fairly quickly. Everything was good, we really couldn’t find anything to complain about. We prefer the local, privately owned diners, but this was a pretty good meal at a convenient location that had everything you might need in the morning: fuel, a convenience store and a good breakfast. Not bad!

Category                 Bill                 Craig

Eggs                         2                     2  

Potatoes                   2                     2 

Sides                        2                     2

Drinks                      2                      2

Service                    3                      3 

Atmosphere             3                      2

Cleanliness              3                      3

Totals                     17 / 21             16/21

Our meal for two cost about $15, in our medium range.


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