The Peppermill – Mechanicsburg

On Tuesday September 13, 2011 we decided to pop in at the Peppermill for breakfast. We’ve been to this place several times in the last few years and we’ve always found them to be good. As soon as we walked in today we could sense a change. A different hostess was on duty, she took us to our table and never asked us about drinks. A waitress we had never seen before stopped by and took our drink order like we were bothering her. She didn’t really look at us while we ordered and even made a face while writing it down. Then we noticed that we didn’t recognize ANY of the waitresses, everybody was new. Even the menu seemed different. The food came out and it was good, but overall we were disappointed with the visit. When we paid for our meal we mentioned to the hostess that we noticed a change. She immediately wouldn’t look at us, avoided any further questions and claimed to know nothing. We would make a point to go to the peppermill, even on weekends but I might suggest someplace else next time. Obviously there has been some kind of a shake-up over there. Hey, we realize that these things happen, but when it does, the goal should be to improve….just our opinion.

Category               Bill                Craig

Eggs                        3                   3

Potatoes                  3                   3

Sides                      2                     2

Drinks                      2                    2

Service                    1                     1

Atmosphere             2                     2

Cleanliness              3                     3

Totals                     16 / 21           16/21


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