Camp Hill Cafe

On Tuesday Sept 27, 2011 we stopped by the Camp Hill Cafe at 40 Erford Rd in Camp Hill. We had never been here before, Craig and Kathy spotted this place last week and we’re always up for a new place, so here we are. Located across from the entrance to the old Blue Shield building, this location has been home to many different eateries over the years. They have a great location, plenty of parking and as we were about to find out, a pretty nice restaurant. Inside, all the tables had white tablecloths, original artwork (for sale) lined the walls. The place had a nice, cozy feel to it. Our waitress was very good and before long we had our drinks and ordered our breakfasts. Coffee was served in clear glass cups and the refills were continuous. The food came out and looked great, large eggs, large slices of ham, sausage links and a nice portion of home fries. As we ate more and more people kept coming. We saw a guy with a laptop but couldn’t determine if they had internet available, also we didn’t notice any tv’s, but the atmosphere was nice, the service was great and the food was really good. By the time we left the parking lot was nearly full. Definitely a popular, good place to eat and we would surely eat here again.

Category          Bill              Craig                 Kathy

Eggs                  3                 3                          3

Potatoes            2                 2                          2

Sides                  3                3                           3 

Drinks                2                 2                           2

Service               3                3                           3

Atmosphere        3                3                           3

Cleanliness         3                3                           3

Totals                19 / 21         19/21                  19/21

Our meals average about $7.25 per person.


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