The Southern “Big Breakfast”

It seems that every region has its variation of the Full English Breakfast. The folks down south like a nice, big, full breakfast too. Down south the meal is known as the “Big Breakfast” or “Sunday Breakfast”. The breakfast includes eggs, ham, bacon or sausage but often includes rice, grits and biscuits. A very popular southern breakfast is sausage gravy which is made by slicing sausage and frying in a pan. Put the cooked sausage aside and using the grease in the pan create a roux by adding flour, milk and seasonings until you have created a thick gravy, to which the sausage is added. Sausage gravy is traditionally served over buttermilk biscuits and the meal can include sliced tomatoes and hominy grits. Variations of the big southern breakfast include rice, seafood, spicy sausage, cheyenne and other cajun spices.


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