Marie’s Cafe – Camp Hill

On Tuesday November 8, 2011 we decided to visit Marie’s Cafe at 4401 Carlisle Pike in the St John’s Place plaza. We were here about a year ago and had a very nice breakfast, so we decided to stop back and see how things were going. Once again, we had a great experience. Marie said hi from behind the counter when we walked in. The restaurant was warm and cozy, very comfortable and relaxing right from the start. We sat at a pub table by the front windows and placed our order. Marie brought out our food herself and later stopped by to talk to us, catching up on what’s been going on at the cafe and also asking about our blog. The food was really good, we both had eggs, home fries, sausage for Craig and ham for Bill. The eggs seemed like they were farm fresh, somehow a cut above regular store bought eggs, the home fries were very good, chunky with a great flavor, and of course the ham and sausage were very good too. Overall, it was a great breakfast at a friendly, cozy, comfortable little cafe. Marie’s is a cut above the normal production line restaurant, both in atmosphere and in quality and we highly recommend that you stop in and try it, you’ll be glad you did!

Category                Bill                    Craig

Eggs                        3                        3

Potatoes                   3                       3

Sides                        2                        2

Drinks                       2                        3

Service                     3                         3

Atmosphere              3                         3

Cleanliness               3                         3

Totals                    19 / 21              20/21

Our meal today was $16 for two, in our medium price range, and well worth the price!


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