Yankee Doodle Diner – Lemoyne

On Tuesday November 22. 2011 we drove over to 902 North Front Street in Wormleysburg to visit the Yankee Doodle Diner. We were there last year, not long after they opened and we were very happy with the experience, so we decided it was time to stop by and see how things were going. If we sum this up in a word, it’s “wow”. The diner has a nice exterior and good parking. Inside, it’s very nice, plenty of seating, both tables and booths. The service was spot on. Our waitress was not only very attentive and on the ball, she was nice to talk to and quite attractive too! When the food came out the “wow” factor went up a couple more notches as this was a seriously good plate of food. Large eggs that were perfectly cooked, excellent home fries and sausage links that rivaled the best we’ve ever been served. What a delicious breakfast! We talked to a couple people at a nearby table that told us this place was their favorite breakfast stop and they come here every week. We’ve seen some online articles where the owner, Victor Perez, states that they make the best omelets in the area. The omelets include portobello, irish with corned beef, onions and cheese, and cowboy omelets with peppers, sausage and mozzarella. Another breakfast favorite is Granny Apple pancakes with walnuts, apples and golden raisins. Of course they serve lots of great lunch and supper meals as well. They’re open from 6AM to 10PM and you can call them at 731-9100. We were really impressed and we think you would be too. If you get a chance, stop by for a real breakfast treat!

Category                     Bill                 Craig

Eggs                            3                       3

Potatoes                      3                       3

Sides                           3                       3 

Drinks                          2                       2

Service                        3                       3

Atmosphere                 3                      3

Cleanliness                  3                      3

Totals                      20 / 21                20/21

The total for our meal was $12.82, but we had a $2 coupon from the clipper magazine, so we spent $10.82. A super value!


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