Other local restaurant closings…

Not exactly breakfast related, but we’ve heard about some other changes on the restaurant scene lately. Davenports Italian Oven, located at the Windsor Park Plaza in Mechanicsburg has closed. Also, Ye Olde Ale House, a local landmark on the corner of Sporting Hill Road and the Carlisle Pike will become a “Gilligans” sports bar.


Breakfast 2011 – The Year in Review

2011 has brought many changes on the breakfast scene here on the West Shore. Here are a few of the things that we have observed this year:

Several notable restaurants have closed their doors this year, including the Camp Hill Diner, the Mechanicsburg 50’s Diner, Ruppert’s Restaurant in Rossville, and the Brick House Restaurant in Carlisle.

According to our scorecard several restaurants made great gains this year, including Marie’s Cafe, Deiner’s, the Camp Hill Cafe and the Yankee Doodle Diner. These four really climbed the charts. Several new places also rolled into top positions, like Caffe 101 in Boiling Springs, the Sunlight Diner (formerly the 50’s Diner) and L’ Koste Villa in Upper Allen Twp.

We saw many more restaurants hanging big TV’s on the walls, redecorating and trying to spruce it up a bit. We have noticed more of a trend toward being open for breakfast and lunch only. We’re hoping to see more wireless internet availability in 2012.

Here are a few tips for the restaurants out there to improve their business in 2012: Turn on the sign and change those old light bulbs inside, brighten things up a little bit with table decorations and new wall treatments or at least some new pictures. If your seats are old, replace them, they’re not comfy anymore. If your tables and silverware look like the seventies, it’s time to upgrade. Have you had the windows cleaned inside and out lately? Get on board with a place mat company, we need a place to put our toast! And finally, please put salt, pepper, jelly and ketchup at every table, we hate to ask for it! See you in 2012!

Lemoyne Family Restaurant

On Tuesday December 27, 2011 we decided to re-visit the Lemoyne Family Resraurant at 247 Hummel Avenue in Lemoyne, We weren’t sure they were open until we saw a faintly flickering “Open” sign. We were lucky to get a parking spot on the street right out front. When we entered the building we were the only customers. The interior is nice and large, basically unchanged since our last visit. We sat at a booth by the windows, which seemed a little chilly. We ordered our usual 2 eggs, home fries and meat, Bill had the bacon, Craig had the sausage patties. As we waited several more customers did arrive. Our food took about 8 minutes and looked pretty good. The bacon was a little too crispy, the sausage patties seemed to have shrunk since our last visit. Not sure if it was the temperature by the windows, but the food got cold pretty quickly. Our waitress was nice, as always, and we did learn from her that the hours are now from 7AM until 2PM, so this is a breakfast and lunch restaurant now, which is a trend that we have been seeing.

Category                Bill                   Craig

Eggs                       3                        3

Potatoes                 2                         2

Sides                      1                         1

Drinks                    2                          2

Service                  2                           2

Atmosphere           2                           1

Cleanliness            2                           2

Totals               14 / 21                  13/21

The total was $12.46 for two, in our medium price range.

Too busy for breakfast?

A recent survey of 2000 adults has found that people are almost too busy to have a good breakfast. Almost half of all people who eat breakfast said that they have less than four minutes to eat something in the morning. Eight out of ten people who did eat something called it a “deskfast”. One in twenty people actually eat breakfast in the bathroom because they are so squeezed for time. One in five parents feed their kids breakfast in the car on the way to school. Nearly half of the survey responders don’t eat any breakfast and often the reason was that they were too busy checking email and Facebook or watching TV. Interestingly, most people will still agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Go figure.