Lemoyne Family Restaurant

On Tuesday December 27, 2011 we decided to re-visit the Lemoyne Family Resraurant at 247 Hummel Avenue in Lemoyne, We weren’t sure they were open until we saw a faintly flickering “Open” sign. We were lucky to get a parking spot on the street right out front. When we entered the building we were the only customers. The interior is nice and large, basically unchanged since our last visit. We sat at a booth by the windows, which seemed a little chilly. We ordered our usual 2 eggs, home fries and meat, Bill had the bacon, Craig had the sausage patties. As we waited several more customers did arrive. Our food took about 8 minutes and looked pretty good. The bacon was a little too crispy, the sausage patties seemed to have shrunk since our last visit. Not sure if it was the temperature by the windows, but the food got cold pretty quickly. Our waitress was nice, as always, and we did learn from her that the hours are now from 7AM until 2PM, so this is a breakfast and lunch restaurant now, which is a trend that we have been seeing.

Category                Bill                   Craig

Eggs                       3                        3

Potatoes                 2                         2

Sides                      1                         1

Drinks                    2                          2

Service                  2                           2

Atmosphere           2                           1

Cleanliness            2                           2

Totals               14 / 21                  13/21

The total was $12.46 for two, in our medium price range.


One thought on “Lemoyne Family Restaurant

  1. as a former emloyee an long time family friend their hours changed since the loss of Kathy, owner, wife.. many regs still arrive every wknd. for great food, as do my family.cant beat the taste and prices, best chipped beef anywhere.

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