Newberry Diner

We have been told that the Newberry Diner will soon be under new owners/management.


Middlesex Diner – Carlisle

On Thursday January 19, 2012 we went back to where it all began, the Middlesex Diner in Carlisle, where we went for our first breakfast. They had a nice crowd today, and as usual there were plenty of staff on hand. Our waitress has worked there a long time and she was very good, as usual. We ordered our regular breakfasts and everything arrived in about 10 minutes. Nice eggs, a good portion of home fries, toast and our sides, which were sausage links and ham. The ham slice was exceptional today and tasty too. All said, this was a very good breakfast at one of Carlisle’s best breakfast restaurants. Our first review for 2012 follows:

Category               Bill

Eggs                      3

Potatoes                 3

Sides                      3

Drinks                    2

Service                   3

Atmosphere             2

Cleanliness              2

Totals                     18 / 21

The total for our meal today was $13.35, in our medium range.

* * * * * The Top Breakfasts in 2011 * * * * *

We had six restaurants tie for the top spot this year. Each one was exceptional and deserves a visit from you! If you’re going out to breakfast, try one of these great places…..The top scoring, best breakfasts on the West Shore in 2011 are:

Kimberly’s Cafe and Creamery in Carlisle – For the second year in a row Kimberly’s has been among our top picks. It’s nice, it’s clean and they consistently serve a great breakfast.

Caffe 101 in Boiling Springs – A 19th century building, beautifully restored into a great place to eat, right across from the lake in Boiling Springs. They don’t have a cook, they have a chef, and they serve one of the best breakfasts on the West Shore.

Summit Restaurants in Camp Hill and Lewisberry – These guys are true local restaurant professionals that serve the most consistently great meals any time of day, but their breakfasts are always guaranteed to satisfy!

Hi-Life Diner in Mechanicsburg – Great atmosphere, great service and great food, the Hi-Life has really raised the bar on local restaurants. A very good breakfast!

L’Kosta Villa in Upper Allen Twp – The most different and delightful place to eat that we found this year. The atmosphere makes us feel like we’re on vacation every time we go there, and the food is wonderful!

Yankee Doodle Diner in Wormleysburg – They scored well last year, not long after they opened but they really have it going on now! Great selection and service, the food is great!


Carlisle loses three restaurants

According to the Carlisle Sentinel, the Friendly’s Restaurant on Walnut Bottom Rd is closing. Two other Carlisle landmarks, the California Cafe and the Sunnyside have both recently closed also. The restaurant business is tough these days. There are lots of restaurants to choose from and only so many customers, and those customers are often unemployed, under employed, not traveling or if they are, the money is going in the gas tank.