Baker’s Diner _ Dillsburg

On Tuesday March 27, 2012 we decided to travel to Dillsburg to visit Baker’s Diner at 515 North US Hwy 15. Baker’s has long been a favorite place to eat, and since their remodeling a few years back they still have one of the nicest interiors of any restaurant that we visit. It wasn’t too busy when we arrived and our waitress, April, was right there to take our drink and food order. Craig and I decided to take advantage of their great special, which was 2 eggs, home fries and meat for $3.49. Of course, he ordered the sausage and I ordered the ham. Kathy decided to go for a Dutch Omelet, which had cheese, onions and potatoes in it. As usual the food came out quickly and was really good. April kept the coffee flowing and we had a very satisfying meal for three for just $17, not bad! We love Baker’s Diner and we’ll be back.

Category              Bill              Craig                Kathy

Eggs                       3                 3                     3

Potatoes                 2                 3                      3

Sides                      3                 3                       3 

Drinks                     2                 2                       2

Service                  3                   3                       3

Atmosphere           3                   3                       3

Cleanliness             3                  3                       3

Totals                  19/21               20/21                20/21


Tracks End Restaurant – Mechanicsburg

On Tuesday March 20, 2012 we stopped in at the Tracks End Restaurant in Mechanicsburg for a quick breakfast. They had a few customers already eating and our waitress was right there with coffee and taking our order. We got the usual eggs, home fries and sausage links, which was ready in about 6 minutes. Very good breakfast, and we must note that this is the only place we’ve eaten where the home fries came on a separate plate and it was more than we could eat. Nice service, quiet place, not fancy, but they fed us well for about $6 each. We’d stop back again!

Category            Bill                  Craig

Eggs                     3                          3

Potatoes               3                          3

Sides                     2                          2

Drinks                   2                           2 

Service                 3                            3

Atmosphere         2                            2

Cleanliness          3                            3

Totals                 18 / 21               18/21

Village Square Diner – Shermansdale

On Tuesday March 13, 2012 we stopped by the Village Square Diner in Shermansdale. We like this place, it’s nice, but casual and they know how to feed you! Our waitress was right there to get us drinks and take our order. The food didn’t take long to arrive. Bill had his usual eggs, home fries and sausage, but Craig and Kathy decided to have eggs, home fries and corned beef hash. Everything was great! The waitress checked back often and kept the coffee flowing. A great breakfast, we really enjoyed it!

Category              Bill               Craig               Kathy

Eggs                       3                   3                    3

Potatoes                 3                    3                   3

Sides                      3                    3                    3

Drinks                     2                    2                    2

Service                    3                   3                    3

Atmosphere            2                    2                   2

Cleanliness             2                    2                   2

Totals                  18 / 21             18/21             18/21

Peppermill – Mechanicsburg

On Tuesday Feb 28, 2012 we stopped by the Peppermill Restaurant at 1010 Wesley Drive, Mechanicsburg. We’ve eaten there many times before and they always serve us a great breakfast. This day was no exception, we had a great waitress and we both enjoyed our eggs, home fries, bacon and sausage links. Just the right amount of food, cooked very well, and a very reasonable price. In our opinion this is one of the best places for breakfast and we will be back!

Category            Bill                 Craig

Eggs                    3                          3

Potatoes              2                           3

Sides                   3                           3

Drinks                  2                           2

Service                 3                          3

Atmosphere          3                          3

Cleanliness           3                          3

Totals                19 / 21                   20/21