Village Square Diner – Shermansdale

On Tuesday March 13, 2012 we stopped by the Village Square Diner in Shermansdale. We like this place, it’s nice, but casual and they know how to feed you! Our waitress was right there to get us drinks and take our order. The food didn’t take long to arrive. Bill had his usual eggs, home fries and sausage, but Craig and Kathy decided to have eggs, home fries and corned beef hash. Everything was great! The waitress checked back often and kept the coffee flowing. A great breakfast, we really enjoyed it!

Category              Bill               Craig               Kathy

Eggs                       3                   3                    3

Potatoes                 3                    3                   3

Sides                      3                    3                    3

Drinks                     2                    2                    2

Service                    3                   3                    3

Atmosphere            2                    2                   2

Cleanliness             2                    2                   2

Totals                  18 / 21             18/21             18/21


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