Tracks End Restaurant – Mechanicsburg

On Tuesday March 20, 2012 we stopped in at the Tracks End Restaurant in Mechanicsburg for a quick breakfast. They had a few customers already eating and our waitress was right there with coffee and taking our order. We got the usual eggs, home fries and sausage links, which was ready in about 6 minutes. Very good breakfast, and we must note that this is the only place we’ve eaten where the home fries came on a separate plate and it was more than we could eat. Nice service, quiet place, not fancy, but they fed us well for about $6 each. We’d stop back again!

Category            Bill                  Craig

Eggs                     3                          3

Potatoes               3                          3

Sides                     2                          2

Drinks                   2                           2 

Service                 3                            3

Atmosphere         2                            2

Cleanliness          3                            3

Totals                 18 / 21               18/21


2 thoughts on “Tracks End Restaurant – Mechanicsburg

  1. I visited Track’s End recently and was pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness, friendliness and GREAT food for the price. The new chef there is excellent–quick, friendly and no problem with special orders/requests.

  2. I also frequent Track’s End and find the food very good, very reasonably priced, employees friendly and generous portions. If you have not tried Track’s End I highly suggest you give it a try.

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