Baker’s Diner _ Dillsburg

On Tuesday March 27, 2012 we decided to travel to Dillsburg to visit Baker’s Diner at 515 North US Hwy 15. Baker’s has long been a favorite place to eat, and since their remodeling a few years back they still have one of the nicest interiors of any restaurant that we visit. It wasn’t too busy when we arrived and our waitress, April, was right there to take our drink and food order. Craig and I decided to take advantage of their great special, which was 2 eggs, home fries and meat for $3.49. Of course, he ordered the sausage and I ordered the ham. Kathy decided to go for a Dutch Omelet, which had cheese, onions and potatoes in it. As usual the food came out quickly and was really good. April kept the coffee flowing and we had a very satisfying meal for three for just $17, not bad! We love Baker’s Diner and we’ll be back.

Category              Bill              Craig                Kathy

Eggs                       3                 3                     3

Potatoes                 2                 3                      3

Sides                      3                 3                       3 

Drinks                     2                 2                       2

Service                  3                   3                       3

Atmosphere           3                   3                       3

Cleanliness             3                  3                       3

Totals                  19/21               20/21                20/21


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