The Pretzel Spot Cafe – Carlisle

On Tuesday April 10, 2012 we stopped by to visit The Pretzel Spot Cafe, located at 330 East Louther Street in Carlisle. They are located in a beautifully restored turn of the century building that used to be the Carlisle Ribbon Mill. From the exterior we weren’t too sure what to expect, but this turned out to be a really nice place. We ordered at the counter and when the food is done you pick it up at the counter and then eat in their dining area,

We ordered our regular 2 eggs, home fries and sausage and bacon. It took less than 10 minutes and our food was up. In the meantime we admired the beautiful interior, complete with some nice photographs hanging on the walls. There was a steady stream of customers coming in as we ate.

Our breakfast was really good. The eggs were perfect and the home fries were sliced in large chunks. The sausage was good. The bacon could have been a little more crispy. One thing we noticed was that almost everyone that came in was ordering a breakfast pretzel log stuffed with eggs and sides. By ordering our traditional breakfast we may have missed the best meal on the menu. They are open daily for breakfast and lunch from 8;00 until 4PM. They have regular breakfasts, breakfast wraps and breakfast pretzel logs. At lunch they serve wraps, salads and sandwiches, as well as lunch pretzel logs. And of course, they sell pretzels,,,apparently delicious hand made pretzels. We are going to come back and sample more of their menu. This place was a real treat and we’d suggest you stop by and visit. Note: They also do catering and have a private dining area for small groups.

Category           Bill                 Craig                Kathy

Eggs                   3                     3                       3

Potatoes             3                     3                       3

Sides                  1                      2                       1 

Drinks                2                       2                       2

Service              3                        3                       3

Atmosphere       3                        3                       3

Cleanliness        3                        3                       3  

Totals              18 / 21                19/21                 18/21

Our total for 3 people was $17.22


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