Momma Spriggs – Carlisle

On Tuesday April 17, 2012 we ventured into Carlisle and stopped by the new restaurant at 160 York Road…Momma Spriggs. We had been here before, when it operated under a different name and owner and had not heard about this new venture. We knew the building was nice inside, but the new owners had remodeled the interior again, and it is great. Possibly the nicest interior of any place we have visited as breakfast bloggers. We were seated right away and our waitress took excellent care of us throughout our meal. We ordered our benchmark breakfast, 2 eggs, home fries, toast and sausage, which arrived at our table in about five minutes. Wow, perfect eggs, great, chunky home fries that were perfectly prepared and real sausage, not microwave mini links. The toast was thick and delicious. We talked with our waitress and the manager for awhile, gave them our breakfast blog business card and they surprised us with a sample of their sweet cream pancakes, which were just out of this world. This may have been our defining moment in breakfast blogging, as this was the best breakfast we have ever had in over 50 local places.

Momma Spriggs uses all fresh, natural ingredients and homemade recipes to produce some of the best meals you can find anywhere in our area. They’re open Tuesday thru Saturday from 7AM to 9PM and Sundays from 7AM to 2PM, closed on Mondays. Breakfasts run from $5 to $8, Lunch runs $6 to $10 and suppers are from $7 to $18 & BYOB. Our visit was fantastic and we will definitely be back again!

Category              Bill                  Craig

Eggs                     3                        3+

Potatoes               3                        3+

Sides                    3                        3+

Drinks                   2                        3

Service                 3                        3+

Atmosphere          3                        3+

Cleanliness           3                        3+

Totals               20 / 21                   21/21

Our total for two was $18.75


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