Momma Spriggs – Carlisle

This week we stopped by Momma Spriggs in Carlisle for a great breakfast. The pancakes were awesome!


One thought on “Momma Spriggs – Carlisle

  1. Hey guys- love your blog, follow diligently because I too enjoy a good breakfast. I also understand to keep things ‘even’ you typically order the same meal; however, I’m a Western Omlette, fresh bacon and black coffee type of guy. I’m really sensitive to the freshness of the veggies, the quality of the bacon and the flavor of the typically distinct diner coffee when I get breakfast. For this reader, your blog is missing that important component, the diversity. Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but I use your blog as a valuable resource. I live down toward Adams County, excersize in Camp Hill and work in Carlisle. Since my company just relocated to Carlisle, being new to the area, I was at a loss for a good breakfast spot. So I followed your reviews and I was pleasantly surprised with most of what I found. Kim’s is good, great service, but their bacon…ehh. When your high level review of Momma Spriggs popped up, I was anxious to try it out. Unfortunatley, they don’t serve breakfast after 10:30 or 11. That was a huge let down the first time because I was in desperate need of a low carb, high protein meal. I settled for a salad (thai chicken- it was great). So, I came back to MS for breakfast on a different occasion. This time I was alone and I took the time to really evaluate what I was getting. It was a real let down. There was an overwhelming smell of some type of cleaner or disenfectant in the air. The service was slow initially. The Omlette was average and the coffee was kept too hot, too long. So, I guess the point of this comment: time to step it up fellas. Your readers (by implying ‘all’ I really just mean me) are looking for a little more detail. A discerning eye. Maybe even some criticism. Not every diner can be an 18 and great. If it’s a dive and might have roaches, I want to know. If it’s a cookie cutter chain with no originality, I want to know. If they use cheap $.25 loaf bread for toast and frozen veggies, I want to know!
    Thanks guys!

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