Summerdale Diner – Enola

On Tuesday June 5, 2012 we checked in at the Summerdale Diner at 505 North Enola Road  in Enola. To translate that address, it’s on Route 11-15 in Enola near the Summerdale exit and also close to Route 81. Busy, busy, busy is the only way to describe this place. They probably serve more breakfasts in a day than some places serve all week. We were seated right away in a nice booth and the waitress was prompt to take our drink orders. The prices were good, about $2.49 for eggs and home fries, about $4.50 if you added meat. We ordered our benchmark breakfasts, sausage for Craig and Canadian bacon for Bill (40 cents more). As we waited we noticed that people just kept streaming in the door and they were all were sitting in our section. Soon tables were being pulled together the group was getting pretty large. Our food came out and it was just about perfect, great eggs and home fries, good quantity on the meat, a carafe of coffee, we were set. The crowd beside us kept building until there were nearly 40 men seated together. The waitress later told us it was a group of retired railroad workers that come in once a month. Despite how busy she was, our waitress checked back often and brought us our check on time. We were very happy with the breakfast. It did get very noisy with all those people sitting in our area, but overall this was a really good breakfast. We want to give credit to the kitchen, waitress staff and management because to provide consistently good service and meals when you have eighty or more people in your dining room at once takes a lot of skill and teamwork. Good job Summerdale Diner.

Category            Bill              Craig

Eggs                   3                   3

Potatoes             3                   3

Sides                  3                    3

Drinks                2                     2

Service              2                      3

Atmosphere       3                      2

Cleanliness        3                      3

Totals              19 / 21             19/21

The total for our two breakfasts was $13.53.


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