Caffe 101 – Boiling Springs

On Tuesday June 26, 2012 we stopped in at Caffe 101 in Boiling Springs for some outdoor breakfast dining. We picked a nice table in the shady outdoor patio area and then proceeded inside to place our order. They have lots of tempting breakfasts as well as great baked goods, but we went with our standard 2 eggs, home fries and meat which is priced at $4.99. We went back out to the patio and within 8 minutes all our food was brought to us. They were pretty busy, with several small groups dining both inside and outside. Our food was really good, as usual and we had a great breakfast. As we were finishing up a nice couple from Florida walked into the patio area, fresh off the Appalachian Trail. They had started at the beginning of the trail and had walked over 1100 miles so far! While they talked to us about their trip so far and their goal of reaching Maine by September, one of the other diners went inside and arranged for them to have a free breakfast! Super nice! They were very appreciative and we wish good luck to Mike and Lauren on the rest of their journey.

Category              Bill                  Craig                  Kathy

Eggs                       3                     3                         3

Potatoes                 3                     3                         3

Sides                      3                      3                        3

Drinks                     2                      3                        3

Service                    3                      3                        3

Atmosphere            3                       3+                      3+

Cleanliness              3                      3+                      3+

Totals                   20 / 21                21/21                 21/21


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