Lower Allen Diner

On Tuesday July 3, 2012 we stopped in to try the new Lower Allen Diner at 3449 Simpson Ferry Road in Hampden Township, the former Camp Hill Diner. They had just opened on Monday July 2 so the crowd was light but more people came in as we ate. The new owner also owns the Hi Life Diner. He did quite a bit of remodeling to the new place and it was pretty nice inside. We were seated right away in a comfortable seat and noticed they have big screen tv which is nice.

We ordered our usual meal of eggs, potatoes, and meat which was priced at $5.50. Craig got the sausage links, I had the bacon and also got onions on my home fries. The meal was very good. Eggs were good, bacon was good, and there were more potatoes (and onions) than I could eat.

My only complaint was when I got the bill, it was fifty cents more for onions and my pepsi was $1.95, which brought our total to $15.80 for two. The Lower Allen Diner is open 5 AM to Midnight, seven days a week. There phone number is 730-7300. A nice place to eat, and we have faith in the owner because of his track record at the Hi Life Diner. The prices range from $1.79 to about $18. They do have a $1.79 breakfast special during the week.

Category             Bill                 Craig

Eggs                      2                    2

Potatoes                3                    3

Sides                     2                    2

Drinks                    2                    2

Service                   3                   3

Atmosphere            3                  3

Cleanliness             2                  2

Totals                  17 / 21         17/21