Diener’s – Mechanicsburg

On Tuesday July 31, 2012 we stopped at Diener’s in Mechanicsburg. It was a cool, cloudy morning, unlike the hot weather we have been having, so we decided to try their outdoor dining area. We were guided out the back door into a nice fenced area with several different outdoor tables. We had the whole back area to ourselves, it was pretty nice!

We ordered our usual breakfasts, which arrived in less than 10 minutes. Nearly perfect eggs, hash brown (shredded) home fries, one sausage link (but it was good) and as always, really thick slices of toast. Our waitress came back several times to refill the coffee and check on us. It was a very enjoyable meal in a cozy little spot, almost like having our own restaurant and staff. Thumbs up to Diener’s, one of the best breakfasts on the West Shore.


One thought on “Diener’s – Mechanicsburg

  1. Oh no! Only one link? I must have lost the other one on the way out. 😦 Sorry! Gosh, you should have had two for sure!

    Good to see you! I’m glad you liked the courtyard!

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