Momma Spriggs – Carlisle

Today, Sept 18, 2012 we drove to Carlisle to enjoy a good breakfast at Momma Spriggs, and, oh it was good! It was raining this morning and not many people were out, so aside from a few tables of customers we had the place to ourselves. The first thing we noticed is that they now have two TV sets at the counter and visible to the dining area, although there was no sound. We ordered their Great Start, which is basically two eggs, potatoes, toast and your choice of meat. The ham was a nice large slice, the sausage was also large and looked great. The eggs were ok, we have seen bigger, and the potatoes were very good, they were cubed instead of sliced. We ordered our potatoes browned and well done and these came out perfect. The toast was pretty impressive, it was nice and thick, almost like Texas toast, and very filling. We had a nice breakfast and stayed almost an hour (comfy seats). Our total for two breakfasts with 1 coffee and 1 pepsi was $18.95.



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