About the 2 Guys

Bill and Craig are two guys from Mechanicsburg, PA that started getting together weekly for breakfast. After a few visits to the same place we decided to try a new place. Soon we decided to try a new place every week. As the list of visits grew longer we decided to keep track, which turned into this blog.


3 thoughts on “About the 2 Guys

  1. Hi Bill and craig we looked forward to your weekly blog. Miss you guys. My name is Anna Politsopoulos my family owns Johns Diner in New Cumberland. Thank you for the great review. I really enjoyed reading about your adventures. I like to read about our competition as a way of improving our own restaurant. I hope you start up again.

    Happy Eating

  2. I really enjoy your blog. Now here comes the BUT. You are always so positive. But your recent review of the Iron Skillet takes the cake. I have tried it a couple of times when we were in a hurry. I have NEVER seen the buffet with anythong other than cold dried out or swimming in grease food product. How about showing the negative side as well as the positive?

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