Caffe 101 – Boiling Springs

September 25, 2012 – It was sunny this morning, a bit chilly at first, but getting warmer as the sun rose higher in the sky. We took a nice drive in the countryside, admiring the changing leaves and shocks of standing corn drying in the fields. We passed hikers walking along the road near the Appalachian trail and parked by the lake in Boiling Springs. We decided to eat at Caffe 101 and dined al fresco, soaking up the sunshine while ducks and geeseĀ  swam on the lake. 2 eggs, home fries, sausage and baked blueberry oatmeal made for a very good breakfast. We had the outdoor dining area to ourselves and sat at our table enjoying the sights. Goodbye to summer, hello to autumn.


Bakers Diner – Dillsburg

On Tuesday August 28, 2012 we stopped by Baker’s Diner in Dillsburg for a nice breakfast. Our old reliable “2 eggs, home fries and meat” was on special for $3.49. We had a little bit of confusion in the order, but once it was straightened out everything was very good. Bakers is working on their addition and it looks like they might have it open by Christmas.
Today was a special breakfast celebrating 15,000 views of this blog. Also, this post is our 135th. Thank you to all of our readers and followers.



Middlesex Diner – Carlisle

On Tuesday August 14, 2012 we had breakfast at the Middlesex Diner in Carlisle. Everything was good, but they did seat us in the big room next to a long, long table that was being filled with a large group. It got very noisy and crowded. There did seem to be lots of room in the regular dining area, why would they seat us right next to a large group?