Middlesex Diner – Carlisle

On Tuesday August 14, 2012 we had breakfast at the Middlesex Diner in Carlisle. Everything was good, but they did seat us in the big room next to a long, long table that was being filled with a large group. It got very noisy and crowded. There did seem to be lots of room in the regular dining area, why would they seat us right next to a large group?


Diener’s – Mechanicsburg

On Tuesday July 31, 2012 we stopped at Diener’s in Mechanicsburg. It was a cool, cloudy morning, unlike the hot weather we have been having, so we decided to try their outdoor dining area. We were guided out the back door into a nice fenced area with several different outdoor tables. We had the whole back area to ourselves, it was pretty nice!

We ordered our usual breakfasts, which arrived in less than 10 minutes. Nearly perfect eggs, hash brown (shredded) home fries, one sausage link (but it was good) and as always, really thick slices of toast. Our waitress came back several times to refill the coffee and check on us. It was a very enjoyable meal in a cozy little spot, almost like having our own restaurant and staff. Thumbs up to Diener’s, one of the best breakfasts on the West Shore.

Lower Allen Diner

On Tuesday July 3, 2012 we stopped in to try the new Lower Allen Diner at 3449 Simpson Ferry Road in Hampden Township, the former Camp Hill Diner. They had just opened on Monday July 2 so the crowd was light but more people came in as we ate. The new owner also owns the Hi Life Diner. He did quite a bit of remodeling to the new place and it was pretty nice inside. We were seated right away in a comfortable seat and noticed they have big screen tv which is nice.

We ordered our usual meal of eggs, potatoes, and meat which was priced at $5.50. Craig got the sausage links, I had the bacon and also got onions on my home fries. The meal was very good. Eggs were good, bacon was good, and there were more potatoes (and onions) than I could eat.

My only complaint was when I got the bill, it was fifty cents more for onions and my pepsi was $1.95, which brought our total to $15.80 for two. The Lower Allen Diner is open 5 AM to Midnight, seven days a week. There phone number is 730-7300. A nice place to eat, and we have faith in the owner because of his track record at the Hi Life Diner. The prices range from $1.79 to about $18. They do have a $1.79 breakfast special during the week.

Category             Bill                 Craig

Eggs                      2                    2

Potatoes                3                    3

Sides                     2                    2

Drinks                    2                    2

Service                   3                   3

Atmosphere            3                  3

Cleanliness             2                  2

Totals                  17 / 21         17/21

Caffe 101 – Boiling Springs

On Tuesday June 26, 2012 we stopped in at Caffe 101 in Boiling Springs for some outdoor breakfast dining. We picked a nice table in the shady outdoor patio area and then proceeded inside to place our order. They have lots of tempting breakfasts as well as great baked goods, but we went with our standard 2 eggs, home fries and meat which is priced at $4.99. We went back out to the patio and within 8 minutes all our food was brought to us. They were pretty busy, with several small groups dining both inside and outside. Our food was really good, as usual and we had a great breakfast. As we were finishing up a nice couple from Florida walked into the patio area, fresh off the Appalachian Trail. They had started at the beginning of the trail and had walked over 1100 miles so far! While they talked to us about their trip so far and their goal of reaching Maine by September, one of the other diners went inside and arranged for them to have a free breakfast! Super nice! They were very appreciative and we wish good luck to Mike and Lauren on the rest of their journey.

Category              Bill                  Craig                  Kathy

Eggs                       3                     3                         3

Potatoes                 3                     3                         3

Sides                      3                      3                        3

Drinks                     2                      3                        3

Service                    3                      3                        3

Atmosphere            3                       3+                      3+

Cleanliness              3                      3+                      3+

Totals                   20 / 21                21/21                 21/21

The Iron Skillet – Carlisle

On Tuesday June 12, 2012 we rolled in to the Iron Skillet on the Harrisburg Pike in Carlisle. It has been about two years since our last visit, but we haven’t forgotten the great breakfast buffet that they serve every day of the week. Today was no exception. After a quick look at the buffet, which had two kinds of eggs, ham, bacon, pancakes, french toast, scrapple, chipped beef, fruit, salad and more, we decided to go ahead and have the buffet.

We just can’t say enough about how good this place is. It wasn’t crowded, the tables and atmosphere were nice, the service was good and the buffet was GREAT! We all went back three times just to make sure! The scrambled eggs were exceptional, we asked if they did anything special to prepare them so well, but they said not, but the eggs were super.

Category      Bill               Craig                 Kathy

Eggs               3                  3                       3 

Potatoes         2                  3                       3 

Sides              3                  3                        3

Drinks            2                   2                        2

Service          3                   3                         3

Atmosphere    3                  2                         2

Cleanliness     3                  3                         3

Totals          19 / 21            19/21               19/21

Summerdale Diner – Enola

On Tuesday June 5, 2012 we checked in at the Summerdale Diner at 505 North Enola Road  in Enola. To translate that address, it’s on Route 11-15 in Enola near the Summerdale exit and also close to Route 81. Busy, busy, busy is the only way to describe this place. They probably serve more breakfasts in a day than some places serve all week. We were seated right away in a nice booth and the waitress was prompt to take our drink orders. The prices were good, about $2.49 for eggs and home fries, about $4.50 if you added meat. We ordered our benchmark breakfasts, sausage for Craig and Canadian bacon for Bill (40 cents more). As we waited we noticed that people just kept streaming in the door and they were all were sitting in our section. Soon tables were being pulled together the group was getting pretty large. Our food came out and it was just about perfect, great eggs and home fries, good quantity on the meat, a carafe of coffee, we were set. The crowd beside us kept building until there were nearly 40 men seated together. The waitress later told us it was a group of retired railroad workers that come in once a month. Despite how busy she was, our waitress checked back often and brought us our check on time. We were very happy with the breakfast. It did get very noisy with all those people sitting in our area, but overall this was a really good breakfast. We want to give credit to the kitchen, waitress staff and management because to provide consistently good service and meals when you have eighty or more people in your dining room at once takes a lot of skill and teamwork. Good job Summerdale Diner.

Category            Bill              Craig

Eggs                   3                   3

Potatoes             3                   3

Sides                  3                    3

Drinks                2                     2

Service              2                      3

Atmosphere       3                      2

Cleanliness        3                      3

Totals              19 / 21             19/21

The total for our two breakfasts was $13.53.