Rating System

We wanted to come up with a way to rate the places that we eat and the breakfast that we had. We will try to keep it simple.

Scores:  3=Very Good, 2=Good, 1=Just OK, 0=Not so good

Categories:  Eggs, Potatoes, Sides, Coffee, Service, Cleanliness, Atmosphere

We’ll rate the price:  Low=Under $10 for two people, Medium=$10 to $19 for two people, High=Over $19 for two people.

For the “star” rating system:

Score of 18 to 21 = 5 stars

Score of 16 to 17..5 = 4 stars

Score of 14 to 15.5 = 3 stars

Score of 10 to 13.5 = 2 stars

Score of 10 or less = 1 star